Concerning Mental Health and Comics

December 6th, 2013, 12:37 pm

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Reply Theorah, December 6th, 2013, 12:55 pm

I'm putting this at the beginning of the comic too! Yeah, this is an interesting issue that I think needs to be addressed.

To an extent, our comic does address this, and it certainly isnt here to give a negative view of mental health. If anything it gives a fairly complex view, the fact that it is hard for there to be a right or wrong.
But it is very exaggerated. I dont want people reading it and thinking 'all hospitals are like this' or thinking 'all people who go to a hospital are dangerous', it just isnt true. In fact, the majority of people have probably had a mental health issue and not even realized it, because they consider what they see on tv to be a 'true' portrayal of things.
But our comic is fun, half fantasy, so dont take the setting as real life, but certainly take the issues it may bring up seriously, because who doesnt like a good discussion about that kinda thing? :3

And something to add to that list of comics (all of which are available to read partially online):

its only 50p, I read it last week, I HIGHLY recommend it! I really related to this comic, which is about how comics helped a guy through sexual abuse. I haven't had to deal with sexual abuse, but had to live with anxiety, ocd and domestic abuse when I was a kid. When I say I 'love' Lord of the Rings, I dont think most people realize that I dont mean I'm just a fan, but that it REALLY helped 12 year old me both escape and have some hope in a very chaotic and scary world. I think many of us feel that way about something or another.

Anyway, rambling over, see you guys soon!

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